Publications in other media

Articles written by Jonathan Gharbi de Maré in other media platforms during. For more info, earlier articles and back ground see . Below is the Beer Guide to Vietnam written by Jonathan Gharbi and also the 3rd edition of the The Worlds Best Beer with contribution about the Vietnamese part.

Publications on other media platforms in 2023

The travels resumed during 2022 with visits to Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Latvia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary. Much of the material is not yet published on the blog itself but on other blogs and magazines.


Wine guide to Armenia, Freedomtravel, online travel magazine 16 Nov 2022. By Jonathan Gharbi de Maré .

Beer guide to Slovenia, Latvia and Hungary on 14 pages in total. By Jonathan Gharbi de Maré and Pontus Fredriksson (Hungary part ). Printed magazine Maltesen September 15, nr 3, 2022 (Swedish Beer Association member magazine).

Beer guide to Ljubljana, September 2022 by Jonathan Gharbi de Maré , Online, Ljubljana official tourism agency

Beer guide to Ljubljana for Visit Ljubljana

Beer guide to Slovenia and Ljubljana September 13, 2022, by Jonathan Gharbi de Maré. Online travel magazine.

Beer guide to Hungary, 6 sep 2022, written by Pontus Fredriksson and Jonathan Gharbi de Maré. Freedom travel, online travel Magazine:

Read the beer guide to Bosnia in Swedish, 28 June 2022, by Jonathan Gharbi de Maré. Online travel magazine.

Article about Beer in Bosnia written in Swedish travel blog Freedomtravel

Wine in Slovenia and Ljubljana, by Jonathan Gharbi de Maré , 10 Aug, 2022. Freedom travel, online travel magazine.

The story on craft beer in Balkan resulted in 10 pages, with beeing the first side story in Maltesen nr 2 , 2022. Maltesen is the Swedish Beer Association’s printed member magazine. It followed after a few travels in the region in early 2022 by visits in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia.

Article on craft beer in Serbia and Belgrade, 15 July 2022, for Discoveringtheplanet online travel blog, in Swedish.

Beer guide to Belgrade in Swedish, published at discoveringtheplanet travel blog