Beer shops and beer supply in Abu Dhabi

This is the ultimate beer guide with detailed info on prices and beers around town. Regular updates with information about new beers and affordable offers will be posted every second month. If you are interested in beer on tap and bars – read this bar guide with info about where to get craft beers and the best tap selections.

Beer in Abu Dhabi
Beer selection in one of the beer shops


The alcohol shops can be hard to find but you can easy single them out when you are passing them. Dark tinted windows or mainly no windows with very modest design and a small black door. More or less exactly the same way you can spot a bar in Morocco. These shops are open from 9 am to 10 PM every day in the week and differ in prices and selection. Some have better beer selection while others tend to focus on the best sellers which often are the 8 and 12 % strong beers and off course Heineken, Stella Artois, Krombacher and other lagers. All has also cold beers and ice which comes handy during the hot summer months.

Alcohol selling chains in Abu Dhabi

Cheers has five shops in Abu Dhabi and also a online store. They focus on wine but does also have a good beer selection. Many craft beers are sold by cheers and prices are among the lower.

Spinneys Beverages has seven shops in Abu Dhabi . Often smaller shops with little bit of everything and classic beer supply.

High Spirits has seven shops but is also a main importer so a lot of things goes through them. Good selection of beer. They have also a bigger shop in Ghantoot close to Dubai where many goes for the bigger buy ins of drinks.

African+Eastern has nine shops in Abu Dhabi and the selection of beer is good and if you want to have craft beer its best to visit their shop in downtown Abu Dhabi (Khlaidiya area).

Gray and Mackenzie has six shops in Abu Dhabi and more focus on affordable beers and wine.

There is also a few smaller shops around town which will be highlighted in later posts.

Categories of beer in Abu Dhabi

Lager beers like Heinken, Stella Artois, San Miguel, Singha, Amstel, Carlsberg and Corona is easy to find cold while most other beers are sold at room temperature. The huge segment of beers 8-8.5 % strong with suprisingly low prices seems to dominate when it comes to quatities in many shops. Beers like Kingfisher, OJ and Red Horse seems to be sold more than any regular lager beer.

Belgian beers like Leffe Blond and Leffe Brune are found everywhere at good prices as well as Hoegarden, Grisette and Duvel.

Craft beers are harder to find and the prices tend to be much higher. Look out for next post about craft beer in Abu Dhabi – coming soon.

Next detailed update on beer in coming in January and will be followed by monthly updates on beer news by ABU DHABI BEER MAN.


  1. Hey, are there are any growler filling spots in UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi? In the United States, craft breweries are on every corner and filling growlers is a common practice, even in some grocery stores. Curious if this exists here or if vice versa, it is illegal or not allowed.


    • Hi, i have good knowledge about the whole region and the concept with growlers is unknown. The closest country is Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that has growlers.. 😉


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